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On Volt stats the most EV miles I see is 74,411.22
Volt Stats: Details for Volt #2011-00338 (Joe's Volt)
Chevy warranties the battery’s 8 Years/100,000 in CA it is 150,000 miles
This car has only been out sense 2011 so it will be a while for actual time and road miles.

But one thing is for sure Volt drivers are saving a lot of gas.
“Chevrolet Volt Drivers Cover Half a Billion EV Miles, Says GM”
25 million gallons in fuel savings for the U.S. alone.

Chevrolet Volt Drivers Cover Half a Billion EV Miles, Says GM

The mystery of the Chevy Volts that go more electric miles than Nissan Leafs

I think it has to do with range anxiety and with the volt you know the gas generator will just take over.
Yesterday I had 2 EV miles left when I got home on a 41 mile trip. if I did not have gas generator backup I would not cut it that close.

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