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Default rocket stove water heater

This is the rocket, I built to use as a backup hot water heater. I been using it to make hot water for my BBQ kitchen. It works but it needs to be better.

A bi-metal switch kicks on a 12v DC pump at 150F. It has a 20 degree differential. Circulates water from the 500 gallon storage tank.

What I'm planning to do is, instead of the rocket venting up the chimney. I'm going to vent it into another barrel containing the hot water tank in the picture. Then up the chimney. Have it on a separate bi-metal switch and pump. Try to capture as much heat as possible.

Here is the part where plan to make the rocket better. Instead of the furnace pipe I'm going with masonry and stainless steal. I built this as a cooker for now to work the bugs out. When I go to rebuild the rocket water heater. copper tubing well be wrapped around the top of the half barrel and a barrel well be placed over the riser.

You can almost see the flame burning sideways in this picture.

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