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Originally Posted by TechShop View Post
I'm at the point where I'm ready to do an initial test-run of a 4-ton GSHP / Hydronic system I've been working on and I have been thinking about protecting my system with antifreeze. My system is comprised of PEX with a standard water heater for storage. There is one iron pump in the hydronic system and one iron pump to circulate the ground loops.
Congratulations on your progress!

Some things to keep in mind about anti-freeze
  • it increases the viscosity of the working fluid, and your pumps will work harder, the greater the percent of antifreeze/water.
  • It lowers the ability of water to transfer heat, depending on the percentage of antifreeze/water.
...In other words, it reduces the efficiency of your system, so use it if you must, and use the minimum amount that you actually need.

You are from Washington? What part of Washington are you in?


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