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Default Antifreeze solutions in GSHP?

I'm at the point where I'm ready to do an initial test-run of a 4-ton GSHP / Hydronic system I've been working on and I have been thinking about protecting my system with antifreeze. My system is comprised of PEX with a standard water heater for storage. There is one iron pump in the hydronic system and one iron pump to circulate the ground loops.

Where are you guys sourcing your Propylene Glycol antifreeze?

I've read some things about the importance of using the proper type of antifreeze due to the corrosion inhibitors it contains whereas the RV/Marine type antifreeze does not have these inhibitors.

Is it possible to purchase the inhibitor package and add it to a RV/Marine antifreeze or other source of PG that I can purchase locally?

Thanks in advance.

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