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Default E-Tech, etc.

Sorry to keep you wondering. Here is what I know: The E-Tech was a gift to me from a friend who, in the '80s, was experimenting with energy saving devices. It's a W102 water-to-water heat pump designed to feed into an indirect fired water heater. I have the original invoice which prices it at $607 on Jan. 26, 1984. I have never used it to heat our water or our house, but the last time I tried it, a couple years ago, it brought five gallons of water up to 125 deg in a few minutes using our 5000 gal storage tank as a heat source at about 60 degrees which is what the specs predict, i.e. 20 gph from 55 deg to 125 with 60 deg source water. Here are a couple photos of it with the shroud on and off. It seems like a very good little unit but quite a few years ahead of its time. I have recently agreed to trade it to a friend who will help me build and program a data logger since it will prove to be too small for either of the situations in which I hope to employ a heat pump.
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