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There is a 1,500sf house down the street from me that has a system like this to condition the incoming air for the air to air heat exchanger, it takes care of 100% of their cooling needs in the summer, for that house they have two 350 foot long loops of 3/4" Pex that loop around the house 5 feet down, the two loops allow the fluid to move half as fast as it would if it was a single 700 foot long loop, it's also less work for the pump.
It's not going to be cold air, I think they are getting 55F in the winter and 60F in the summer.

You also have to look at how much energy your blower is using, mine is a single speed blower and draw 600 watts, the pump uses energy too, a few summers ago I ran some tests and found that it used more energy to draw the cool dry air from my basement and blow it around the house then it did to run a window air conditioner because I had to run the furnace fan for so long and the dehumidifier in my basement had to run extra to dry the air.
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