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It may seem like a silly idea but the HRV's are a great idea and yes they are not 100% efficient at recovering all the heat energy. But for a new tightly built home is a great idea for energy efficiency and if you check with some of AC Hackers work on C0 2 concentrations you will be suprised at how fast and much it can collect. This can lead to health problems and feeling tired while in the house.

I remember going to my grandmas house and the lingering oddors of cooking smoking and a-little stale air when alot of people visit the small house. Can't be good and this was by no means a air tight house.

We installed a very good HRV system its completely quiet and it speeds up for a moment as someone uses the bathroom. But what I'm very pleased about is the outdoor fresh air smell when you enter the home. Even right after cooking within a half hour you can't smell anything. If you feel the air thats exiting the home it is cold from the heat exchange that occured so it does work

HRVs, Worth every penny and good for your health. Get a good one and make sure the contractor places a return duct close to the troubled spots bathroom, kitchen, Sofa for hockey season.

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