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After spending a good 3 mnths of rather warm winter (fluctuating, but never below -5C, which is rather unusual) with our front lower living room window tinted with Gila Platinum, I must say that I'm quite impressed with the outcome so far: managed to reflect the heat back into the house (a bathroom infrared lamp test will show you how well it reflects heat back into the house!), yet the solar glare and heat coming in from the outside has been reduced....

Due to kid's spring break last week: I managed to finish 3 more panes: 1 immediately above from the lower story living room (the upper one is our "computer" room for both myself and my wifey, telecommute), a front facing upper window where typically between sunrise and approx. 10:30am, the sun will shine in through there; and then throughout most of the afternoon: reflection from my next door neighbour's window pane into ours which is on the side of this said morning window, heat introduced through this frosted window was immense).

So, we'll see if we get any improvements (or not) over the next few weeks, esp.when sunny spring arrives (weather forecast not so good: overcast over the next 5 days or so).

Lastly: discovered while travelling during spring break that Freddys (meyers) actually carries Gila platinum films also.

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