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The steps I took is pretty much (90%) what the online video steps I followed on Gila site:

Window Film Installation Videos and Application Tips | Gila Residential Window Films

After reading numerous of feedbacks on (where I bought those films) and the cautions from others, I finally worked out the steps that it takes to do it right..


-(1) really, be careful when you peel off the film from backing: I managed to wrinkle/introduced creases on the film when I first did solo (w/o the aid of my wifey)...and wasted some film as a result. peel it slowly and don't hesitate to tape the other corner so as to aid with the peeling process...

-(2): I use maybe 1/6 to 1/8 of a cap of baby shampoo per quart of water (squirt bottle size)

-(3): spray the film and the window glass really, really wet before applying the film. Failure to do so (not the end of the world just yet), you can still partially peel off the corner of the film and re-wet the surfaces before trying to squeege the liquid off.

-(3a): I use an OXO squeege I bought from Amazon and that works out well (needs to constantly wet the film surface every time I try to work my squeege across the film surface)

-(4): 2 hrs after the initial squeeging the film to rid of excess liquid and bubbles.....I started to see some small "buldging" from the film due to liquid trapped in between the film and the glass...

for that I basically took the extra effort (with a hard card and lint-free papers) to scrape those bubbles flat..

According to the FAQ section on Gila: the liquid trapped between the film and the glass will dry off in a few days time as the film "cures".

I shall report back with a status update in a few day's time.


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