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Successfully installed Gila Platinum (LES361) on my living room's double-glazed window: wasted 30% due to creases formation (boy! those films sure is staticky!!!) but was able to complete a 8ft by 6ft area within a reasonable amount of time:

conditions during installations:

-ext. temperature (7C, abnormally warm winter)
-int. temp (approx. 20C)
-relative humidity (approx 45%)

took a better part of 5 ~ 6hrs to complete due to numerous issues (kids constantly budding-in for attention, etc.)

Need wifey's help in handling/peeling off the sheets while squirting the film with Johnson baby wash diluted with water, etc.

The biggest time consuming part was using a card scraper with lint-free sheets to scrape the moisture and air bubbles off of the sheets, which I ended up spending approx. 40% of the time (out of that 5~6hrs) to do....carefully not to scratch the film.

Apparently, Gila Platinum film does have the low-e coating from the inside, which makes the inside (looking outward) seems extra shiny. The reflective coating does what it said RE: reflecting heat from the inside from leaking through the window panes...I was literally sweating from the inside while performing the scraping with the card, and as my body generates heat, the reflection from the low-e coating of the film warms me up substantially (causing me to sweat more)....

the darkening effect works out great (from the outside-->inside, approx. 20% dimming).

In the end: I'm very impressed with this product and I'm going to buy some more as my project progresses... hopefully by doing so will I be able to improve heat retention during winter months to cut down on heating costs and makes my house more efficient both winter and summer time..

(my house is east-west facing so summer heat can be an issue also).

lastly: these films are some serious stuff! I read through their site's FAQ and studied closely, and they did mentioned that cutting blades dull fairly quickly (replace every 10 ft of cutting?!) and it is indeed true! I ruined approx 20% of the film due to dull blade and I learned my lesson very quickly: clip the blade with fresh new point before doing a cut...otherwise, it will rip the film very, very easily (and ruin the whole project).

Good stuff I must say! way recommended for folks who is contemplating in doing something similar to mine (to upgrade no argon-filled, non low-e double-glazed windows with Gila films to improve thermal efficiency)..

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