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Default Gila window films, anyone tried this before?

With winter chills (our biggest windows (living room/dining room, side living room, etc.) are all situated on East /West facing, all double-glazed vinyls that were put in as part of the house (house is only 7yrs old). While West facing ones typically get the chills (you can feel the cold descending from the inside glass down, due to poor insulation (non-gas filled, non low-e glass, cheepest run you can get locally as far as double-glazed window's concerned), my front (East facing) living room large glass windows are the worst when it comes to insulating from the winter chills.

After doing much research on-line, I decided to give Gila window film Energy Saving Platinum (LES361) a try, it sez that it can block 50% incoming heat from the outside, while the low-e coating helps in winter heat retention from the inside.

Anyone has experience with Gila films, particularly the Platinum versions (with low-e coating).

I'm going to put this film on the inside of the window, will try first by installing it on the East-facing windows and the 2 little side windows on each side of the main entrance door.

Will see what happens (currently on-route to my mailbox).


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