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Originally Posted by RobertSmalls View Post
The need for sump pumps is one reason I'm leaning towards building a house without a basement.
I certainly agree with MN Renovator.

In addition, is the issue of soil type.

I live in an area that is pretty flat for at least 1/2 mile in every direction.

My house is about 119 years old and has a basement with walls made from chunks of basalt rock mortared in with concrete. I doubt that any waterproofing was ever attempted.

The area I live in is infamous for its rainfall which averages 37.5 inches per year. So I'm in a borderline rainforest region.

In the event of a prolonged heavy rain, which would be maybe a week or two of continuous substantial rain, I do get some minor seepage into my basement, but in a day, it has all drained away.

The reason is the soil around me is largely sandy with some minor admixed clay.

And that makes all the difference.

So there are many factors that should be considered regarding the inclusion of a basement.

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