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Originally Posted by RobertSmalls View Post
It sounds like a great idea.

Sump pumps can draw an awful lot of power, and keeping them running is a hassle. The need for sump pumps is one reason I'm leaning towards building a house without a basement.
It depends on where you live. My house was built 2 1/2 decades ago and the sump is as dry as the day the house was built, no signs of moisture in there at all. I bought a house that slopes down on all four sides and made sure the street drainage ditch didn't have a grate near my house to indicate a low point. I'm actually at the center between two and roughly the highest point and no flood plains anywhere near me. Of course there may be places where luck would stike negatively but a benefit of buying a used house for me was to see there is no sump pump and a dry sump for the entire duration, an advantage that doesn't exist when buying new, but proper location and good grading of the property that slopes away from the house on all sides usually does the trick.
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