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Originally Posted by RobertSmalls View Post
It sounds like a great idea.

Sump pumps can draw an awful lot of power, and keeping them running is a hassle. The need for sump pumps is one reason I'm leaning towards building a house without a basement.
You, my friend are leaning in the right direction!!

A sure way to avoid thousands of dollars in damages & many hundreds
of hours of labor, doing clean-ups and reflooring etc. etc..

I would NEVER move into a another house with a basement.
If I was forced to, at gunpoint, It would have to be on top of a mountain,
and in the middle tornado alley.


If I had a good source of water in my basement (it was well-like),
I would size a GSHP to it.. If it was small, I would heat my hotwater.
If it was larger, I would use it for space heating & cooling..
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