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I burned coal in my multi-fuel HS Tarm boiler for a while. It was a PITB to haul it home.
At the time, I used my little Subaru 1978 4x4 wagon (The Brat pickup with a station wagon body).
Fold down the back seat and shoveled it in.. No bags of coal around here!

One thing I learned the hard way, is that setting up for an overnight burn, must be done very carefully.
At least with the HS Tarm. I only had one over-heat (3AM) and that was lesson.
Wood is easier to control, the auto air control works great with wood.
I only did a few carloads of coal before I gave it up..
Over the years, I gave up wood too. Been trying to give up oil..
But, this dang global warming has me burning oil again this winter..
Using flow-thur hot-water heat for about a week solid now..
It's 3 now and going to -3 in a few hours..

The -20F Gree is working pretty well so far. I just shut down the Sanyo..
Another -20F Gree might be my next home heating investment..

Happy New Year!!
My hobby is installing & trying to repair mini-splits
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