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I haven't had an LED explode, but I've had two (out of maybe 60+) CFLs blow. With that said, I'm pretty sure the fire risk was less than when an incandescent malfunctions/blows, since those are much higher wattage.

Originally Posted by wilsonsmith View Post
It's no surprise that giving too much voltage to LEDs can make them explode. However, does somebody know the chemistry behind why they explode? I imagine it's due to the heat being generated by the increasing current which would break down some material in the LED causing them to go into a gaseous state. Eventually the pressure builds so much that the LED explodes. But...what exactly gets changed to gas?

I tried googling this, but it seems the internet is more interested in making LEDs (and caps) explode than explaining why they do so.
YMMV, but my first result is this...

Which suggests it's the electrolyte that's vaporized. If the cap doesn't pop as designed to relieve the pressure, enough pressure can build up to put a whole in something when it blows off.

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