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It's been a while so I figured I better post an update, this is what I did on
Apr 29/12

Today I drove ET2 down to my neighbors pulling a trailer with a 10" Plow and a set of Discs in it.
He has a garden about 30ft x 100ft, he has plowed it with his farm tractor once about 3 to 4 weeks ago.
First thing I did was to pull the discs over it to smooth it out a bit, it was full of ruts.
Next I hooked up the 10" Brinly and tried plowing, the soil was dry and soft, my rear tires are turfs, loaded plus 25lb weights each side, I had good traction, some slippage but not much. This is the 2nd time I tried plowing and the 1st time I got it to work, plowed all of it.
I tried different settings trying to figure out what does what and to learn as much as I could.
Next I put the Discs on and ran it over the whole garden, smoothed it out.
After I was all done I loaded up the trailer and pulled it back to my place.

Tractor ran about 2 hrs total, 1-1/2hrs+ pulling the plow and the discs. Pulling the plow takes everything it's got, most of it was done in 3rd gear, 2nd gear it goes a little slower but the motor spins faster.
Pulling the disc is much easier, can use 4th gear no problem.
I let the Batteries sit for a while, then checked voltage to see how much charge I used.
Batteries are down to 30% charge, 70% charge was used today, they were full charge at the start.

All in all I'm a happy, ET2 works for plowing plus I learned something about the tractor and plowing today.

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