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Default Piwoslaw's rain water system (underground tank)

Since April '20 we finally have a new rainwater system, much more permanent than the plastic barrels we've had for the last decade

We had a concrete septic tank buried in the yard behind our house:

Its volume is 8 cubic meters (8000 liters), but usable is around 6500-7000 liters.
The gutters have a course filter to catch larger leaves, next year I plan to invest in something more, as dust and "shingle sand" from the roof still make their way into the tank.

Overflow from the tank goes to an old well.

While digging up the yard, we also had a pipe go through the basement wall. There, we installed an on-demand pump for watering the garden. Also, I've connected the pump to the toilet downstairs. The upstairs toilet will be connected when we renovate the house's plumbing this year.

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