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I converted my 4' kitchen fixture from T8's to LED's, with LED's I bought from a commercial lighting supplier. I removed the ballast, rewired the bulb holders on one end and simply removed the wiring on the other end. All was good. The energy consumption shown on the packaging says 18w per bulb. I also noticed the light output was better than the T8's I replaced. {I am not electrically inclined, but with a couple of YouTube videos under my belt, I was okay to convert the fixture.}

Then, I bought some LED's from Lowes to do my garage lights and found out when I got home that they required a functioning T8 ballast! I took them back. I checked Home Depot, Costco & Walmart and they were all the same way, needing a T8 ballast. It cost roughly double to buy the lights that didn't require a ballast than the Big Box store T8 ballasted LED's, but I figured it keeps me from wasting the ballast energy and from being mad when I'd need to replace a florescent light ballast to make my LED's work.
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