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Default Social Distancing from 6 feet, out to 30 feet?
"Peak exhalation speeds can reach up to 33 to 100 feet per second (10-30 m/s), creating a cloud that can span approximately 23 to 27 feet (7-8 m). "

No wonder this stuff is spreading so fast. Maybe You can get it from someone just across the street.
I was wondering about walking outdoors, is it safe to walk Down-Wind of people?
If I can smell perfume (up-wind) from 30 to 50 feet up the street, I'm sure that's too close.

We need to change our Social Distancing from 6 feet, out to 30 feet. If there isn't any wind!
If you are downwind from someone who coughs up COVID19, it all depends on the wind speed.

After hearing this, I don't even want to be driving past any large groups of people. The car's air filter isn't that great.

I wish we had this information back in January. There is actually some earlier studies that should have alerted the governments that 2 meters was too dam close..

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