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Originally Posted by solarhotairpanels View Post
When the collectors are 12 degrees warmer then the storage tank my pump kicks in and pumps until the collector is within 8 degrees of storage tank temp then pump shuts down and waits for heat to build up again.
If your pump isn't shutting down then it sounds to me like there is a fault with the controller. From above, with an 8 degrees difference the pump should stop, you say it continues to run (but without having or with a minimal difference in temperature). For the pump to continue running there should always be 8 degrees delta so your heat must be going somewhere (you say it is all well insulated so this shouldn't be the case) or it's faulty.

Check the temperatures and see what they are.. is it a commercial unit or homebrew?

I run my system with 10/3 and when the delta is < 10C then I modulate the pump (it's a basic on/off pump, not variable speed) between 10C and 3C and it works very well 365.
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