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I think its going to depend a big bunch of things but largely on how deep its buried and over what area and how well compacted?
So many variables that AC is likely right - try it by running about 1/2 gpm or so from your well into a slinky of pex or poly laying in your yard to cool it to about 35f (probably nite is best) then run it thru your buried loop for at least 8 hrs while recording the temps in and out of the buried loop. Purge the air first.
I think geo systems run at about 1 gpm per ton with 8 to 10 degree difference so if it supports that without freezing you should be good at least if your demand isn't continuous.
Be careful tho not to use antifreeze and freeze the ground deep down against your house wall. You have a good length of relatively large diameter pipe - if its compacted and fairly deep, i'd bet you're good for 1/2 ton!
Good luck!
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