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Well I easily was traveling 10-15Km. I wasn't fully charging the pack as I was still setting the parameters for the motor. The total range would only be a guess. As I was setting the parameters under full load the pack voltage was sagging with a current draw of about 400A.

The original pack of Nimh still has some life and it is now residing at my home to be coupled to a solar panel array. It may be just fine there as I doubt I'll ever see that kind of current draw.

For the truck I didn't want to waste any time on older tech. The voltage sag could be as simple as corroded battery straps but the other side is the Nimh is only about 66 % efficient so for every 1 kwh I put in I would only get 660 wh out. I can't remember exactly but the lithium in the Chev Volt is in the 90% range. The performance far exceeds the Nimh as far as the discharge curve.

The little S-10 may not be a Tesla but I'm impressed with the acceleration with poor batteries. What will it be like with higher current on tap----we'll know soon.

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