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Originally Posted by MN Renovator View Post
Without heating water, I think you've removed the freezing and high temp issues, I'm not sure why you want to complicate something and reduce efficiency by trying to heat air and turn it around to heat water and then try to heat air again.

I like this design and the same author has tried other less successful designs. Read up on this one and see if you can use the glass you've collected in a similar way.
Thanks, I will check out that build. I love the window screen solar heaters. So simple and good performance.

If I can get 150F and above air temps, efficiency should be good as far as transfer through the radiators. The biggest loss I can see would be in air pumping losses from the pressure drop across the radiator(s). My hydronic temps are around 100-120F

You would not have to necessarily reheat air again, just change the air path around the radiators when you don't need any hot water. I like to keep my garage cool in the winter for long term food storage but a little bit of extra heat might be nice.

I use to focus allot on heating with wood but my wisdom has brought me to focus more on Solar as a first source of heat. I'm hoping to build a system this summer.
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