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Wow, that '90's fridge was a hog. It's hard to believe how much refrigerators have changed in only a few years. If only car companies could increase fuel efficiency fourfold in a decade...

EDIT: I've had my fridge on the Kill-a-Watt for the last 2.5 weeks and I just had a look: 11.65 kWh in 400.1 hours.
11.65kWh/400.1h=0.029 kWh per hour = 0.70 kWh/day = 255 kWh/year.
You beat me, Tim
It's been hot recently, so the temperature in the kitchen is around 21-22C. The kitchen temperature in the winter (exept when cooking/baking) is 18-19C, so maybe then I'll use slightly less.
The brand is ARDO, model CO 2210 SHX, rated at 256 kWh/year = 0.70 kWh/day.

EDIT: Added more data (model, etc.).

EDIT (04-04-2011): A recent test showed that lower kitchen temperatures (16C-19C) reduce the fridge's power consumption to 0.54-0.59 kWh/day.

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