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Default 48 volts still there?? 10 years later?

We had a winter storm recently and lost Grid power.
I wondered if those old 12 volt car batteries (marked October 2010) still had any juice in them.?.
The back-up system still works! Got some lights on and put away the flashlights.
We got grid power back in about 2 hours, and the pack voltage still looked okay.

Today, I checked the water level in the cells and it was fine. But I see some stuff like white power down on top of the plates.

Even if they have very low usage, I have a feeling that a decade is a long time for these batteries.
We How long are these old batteries going last?

If we get some sun this weekend, I'll test the system battery health.
I have a feeling they might need replacing.

I'm looking at a Sine wave inverter, because we have a CPAK now and I don't want to harm it's little power supply module. Plus, we have a lot more 'devices' plugged in now.
This one: Xijia 3000W (Peak Power 6000W) Pure Sine Wave Inverter DC 48V to AC 120V 60HZ seems like it might be pretty good.

Anyone have any recommendations?

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