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Originally Posted by Elcam84 View Post
Yup electric water heaters cost far more to operate than the general public realizes. .
YES! I lived in an appartment prior to owning this home. I lived in this apartment for 11 years. It had a gas water heater(HWH). The HWH was the only gas appliance, in fact, the HWH was stored outside, in the laundry room. In the summertime here in PHX, I just turned it completely off. Shower after 8 am and it was a perfect temp... If you showered in the afternoon, it was too hot to "cool" you, but it still got you clean. The point is, I didn't even use the gas in the summer. My highest gas bill ever was 19 bucks. Probably averaged around 4 dollars a month year-round. In 11 years in that apartment, I NEVER once used the heater (which was electric anyway). My cat however would sleep on a small heating pad.
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