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Hi Guys,
Have been busy finishing my house (finally after 20+ years!). I did some missing trim a couple of doors weren't right and a few other things that I wasn't sure I liked but had to live with awhile to find out if I liked them or not.

A couple of weeks ago I got one of these from eBay:

Digital Electronic/Code Keyless Keypad Security Entry Door Lock Left Handle New | eBay

The trouble with the phone locks for us is that, well we're retired geezers and half the time I forget the 'flip phone' (yep, still have one!), so that wouldn't be a great option.

The lock above works well and seems to be made well too. It didn't fit my doors just right though, the distance from the door edge to the center of the lock is 250 to ~260 mm and my doors are ~74mm (2.75"). So check if you decide to buy one.

One thing about locking your doors. The State Troopers around here say you should do it, from experience it seems to cut burglaries. My thinking is that you need more than one line of defense. So I'm getting cameras too.

On another note my electric bill is over -$800.00 now! And I'm on the list to be called when the new Bolt comes in at my dealer.

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