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Originally Posted by stevehull View Post
I have successfully used sub-slab supply ducting (glued PVC) and as a side benefit it really heated up the floors in the winter (dogs loved it!). Wow, never thought of that.

The old metal ducts clearly don't work, but the glued 8 inch long tube PVC ducts are absolutely watertight.

Not hard to do and now the supply ducts are completely out of the way. You can do a common air return and/or return "jump" ducts into bedrooms and other closed off spaces.

Your RFD and/or insurance carrier can tell you the amount of water that qualifies for the discount. In my case it had to be a 1/4 acre pond at least an average of four feet deep. Not hard to do when I have a 240D excavator I can use.

Be realistic and do what you can do. Hire out tedious stuff as otherwise you will have a two year build phase or never quite have anything done. Remember that construction loans are only for 365 days. Yes from start to finish a year is what I was thinking, but maybe faster if the money comes in. I'm hoping to build as I can with no loan, but that depends on how the next 2 months go.

All is simple, but there is an advantage to getting pros to come in to quickly get you dried in. With SIPS, this is no more than two weeks.

Also, hire out the brickwork - they are just so damn fast and perfect.
Amein to that! I can draw a straight line, much less lay brick. lol
Have fun!

Right now I have a 2,400 sq ft home that is terribly built and has more problems than I can name, with a 10 seer OLD heat pump. My bills never hit over $120, is a geothermal system really going to save me THAT much money? I like the idea if one unit goes down I still have 4 others able to do the job. BUT if we are talking big big savings then it might be worth it.
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