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Originally Posted by Daox View Post
How is your energy usage broken up? Heat is gas I assume? Hot water?
Heat is natural gas and same with the water heating. Probably a good portion of the electricity is from the clothes dryer. I didn't look too closely at how it was broken up, but I think there was connection charges this one time too. Next time I'll take a look at the units.

Originally Posted by knowbodies View Post
Are your SaskEnergy payments equalized or is that an actual(estimated) cost?
They offered an equalized payment plan of something like $82/month, however I preferred to see my fluctuations throughout the year.

You should however upgrade those windows, the furnace and possibly attic insulation (check your condo rules - it may be considered a common area).
Yup definitely... the windows are pretty drafty and they slide loosely, which isn't as efficient as the pivoting ones. I'm thinking of adding extra insulation in the roof sometime too.

SaskEnergy has a $15 rebate available for installing a programmable thermostat.
Wow, I didn't know that. I still have the original mercury thermostat so changing it is now on my list.

Financially the best thing you can probably do (assuming this is your first mortgage and you have 25 years to go) is pay down your principal - at this point, one extra payment can take years off your amortization period.
Definitely! With, my first mortgage payment the principal only went down by $62 and it drove me nuts! I'm currently accelerating the payments and cut my amortization period from 35 years to just over 14!

Got to love the added help from roommates!

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