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Are your SaskEnergy payments equalized or is that an actual(estimated) cost? I'm a short way down the road in Moose Jaw and I pay $107 per month equalized. I own a 1912 two storey detached. Your electricity bill looks pretty good - about 540KWHr per month?. The Saskatchewan average is 683KWHr for a family of four.

I'm not sure what you can do to reduce electricity usage except CFLs unless your roommates are very accommodating. I'm also not sure what suggest to reduce gas usage without running afoul of condo association rules. You should however upgrade those windows, the furnace and possibly attic insulation (check your condo rules - it may be considered a common area). Definitely apply for the Energuide for houses rebate if you decide to take on any of those projects.

Other things to note, SaskEnergy has a $15 rebate available for installing a programmable thermostat. Sask Watershed Authority is also giving $50 rebates for installing CSA approved lowflow or dualflush toilets. Financially the best thing you can probably do (assuming this is your first mortgage and you have 25 years to go) is pay down your principal - at this point, one extra payment can take years off your amortization period.

Good luck!
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