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Originally Posted by herlichka View Post
I don't have easy access to the utility bills, but I'm sure that we are spending significantly less on hot water, one hour and seven minutes per week, instead of 24/7.
Significantly less? How about Almost nothing?!
Great work! And when you factor in the cost of a larger tank (but without timer) then it's probably already paid for itself
Originally Posted by herlichka View Post
I would consider this same setup in my home, it works so well, but my wife can't get comfortable with the idea of a small tank. There are just the two of us, and our daily routine is fairly stable, I think that this would work very well. I'll have to keep working on her!
Do you have a timer on the tank at home? I'm sure that using a timer in the right way (plus extra insulation!!) will go a looong way. Downsizing the tank would also help, but not nearly as much.
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