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Originally Posted by MN Renovator View Post
One thing I want in that wood stove would be an outdoor air intake piped into it. That way I'm not pulling my warm indoor air out of the house by going inside the stove and out that stack.
My thought on that is that is how leaky most houses are already. I recently pulled out the sliding window to clean it. There is a track at the bottom that has vents in it to the outside. Its not adjustable either. The vinyl windows are not an airtight unit as one might think.

Fresh air also gets pulled in when you turn on the bathroom exhaust fan, clothes dryer, stove fan, etc. They even installed a fresh air fan on the house furnace with a timer coming on every hour!

When is the house too airtight? When the stove is smoking out the front? One of my first houses I built it was so tight that you had to open a window to start the fire and keep it going. I always felt tired in that house with or without the fire. Lack of fresh air to the brain..........

You have a good point. I was reading this morning about stove pipe that is triple wall with fresh air coming down one of the sections and pipes into the stove. I remember seeing a mobile home with fresh air coming from under the house through the floor and into the stove......
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