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I have been toying with the idea of adding secondary air to this woodstove, it has no damper in the firebox door like most do. There seems to be more than enough area from the open bottom grate to provide both primary and secondary air for the fire. What about putting the expansion barrel right behind the stove so that the firebox exhausts directly into the expansion barrel? The primary air pipe could run right through the barrel, preheating it directly from the exhaust gases. A secondary air pipe could be run through the barrel to discharge directly into the exhaust from the stove. That way, if the exhaust is hot enough, secondary burn could take place inside the expansion barrel. Instead of damping down the flue, secondary air could just be opened up more when the flue temperature heats up. Hotter flue temp = more secondary air = hotter primary air. Primary air could be used solely to control the primary burn in the stove.

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