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Default Radiant wall heaters

As per AC Hacker's suggestion, I have started a new thread.
Before landing on this site, I didn't know much about radiant heating and really, I don't know much more. What I have learned is that the heating medium only has to be as high as 90-120 degrees F. and this in turn allows for better efficiency.
I have also learned that radiant floor heat tubing is lousy for room cooling; ceiling tubing is better for cooling.
With all that in mind, and with the fact that floor heating raises the height of the floor for a reno, I wondered about wall heating/cooling. I happened to see some commercially available unit available on the net but that is not what I was thinking of. Basically what I had in mind was to run tubing along a wall (long side of the room) as one would for a floor. This array would be spaced out from the original inside wall for air flow, and have a water collector on the bottom (A/C use). The tubing would run horizontally, the array on a slight tilt, and each tube run would have a slight "cap" along it to increase in efficiency by transferring more heat. The room would be narrowed by up to 6 inches, and heated by convection flow.
My time is limited so I can't do much digging for info so, if I'm all washed up, tell me, direct me to other links (nothing too deep), direct me to other threads,......

Thanks, TomS

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