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Radiant heat as felt by humans doesn't seem to travel very far.
I can stand 3 or 4 feet from a 2kW heating element and not feel it.
Since the energy emitted from the heating element, isn't felt at a distance,
it must be getting absorbed by the air. Air gets hot and goes upwards.

Maybe insects have better heat sensors than us?
We are warm blooded, so our skin sensors don't really feel weak radiant heat.
I assume that an insect's body temperature is a bit above the outdoor temp.
Insect thermoregulation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Or maybe it's a matter of scale. When you are 100 feet from a very large fire,
(Like a forest fire) you can sometimes feel the direct radiant heat.

Maybe they can sense heat at much greater ranges?
To them, a 100w blub might seem like a forest fire..

One other thing just occurred to me. Remember those yellow blubs?
Bug free? Maybe those 2700k LEDs look yellow to insects?

I wonder if the yellow bulbs look too much like a flame to a bug?

If you light a camp fire, it keeps the bugs away. They don't like smoke?
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