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I believe oilpan's assessment is correct at least for now. However as costs associated with panels, storage and installation continue to decrease I expect solar will displace fossil fuels as the main source of electricity at lower prices than current fossil driven plants. I don't expect solar to eliminate fossil fuel use for many years though. Solar is still in its infancy as far as large industries go. There is still a lot of research to be done to reach maximum efficiencies, to make better, less expensive and more reliable electronics and to store the energy produced. Here is a look at the cost trends of utility size solar.

As far as Florida goes. From what I've read over the last few years, the utilities there have done everything they possibly could to keep individuals from installing and owning their own solar including buying government officials and spreading false and misleading information. IIRC the laws were finally changed to make it easier for the individual homeowner to own and install solar. My guess is now that the utilities can't control what the individual does, they are trying to get out in front of what they perceive as a problem and convince the general public that they are really good guys and want the best for them.
A short excerpt from the battle.
"The defeat is a major blow to the state’s largest investor-owned utilities, who poured more than $20 million into the political committee backing the initiative, Consumers for Smart Solar. A handful of other groups, which were also heavily financed by utilities, spent another $6 million promoting the amendment."

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