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Default Western Mass School Converstions

Hey All,

I have had my head down working on a crazy project but I think of the forum everyday.

I think things are far enough along that I can share here is more then enough photos of the updating of 1931 model school building with a 1954 addition.

The insulation was done following a Building Science Corporation report I had done for the building.

It and all the permitting documents are available at.

Somehow the project is almost complete and I still don't have an HVAC system. I playing with a super insulated unconditioned space.

I think I'm going to run Runtal low temperature water baseboard along the entire perimeter. Each classroom is single unit so it will have it's own mixing valve and pump that feeds off a single loop that supplies the entire building. The boiler is an electric but I'm looking at a couple of air sourced set-ups as well solar thermal systems.

I have a large PV system rated at 48KV.

So please throw out your ideas on good untried methods for heating hot water un to 120 degrees or so.

If any method can make use of the existing 40' x48"x42" chimney they definately get bonus points.

Thanks for your ideas,


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