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How do you mean that PV is at "no cost"? I certainly hope you don't consider Solar City to be "no cost".

There are a lot of consequences to "renting" a PV system. Examine carefully before you bite.

Conversely, the cost of a DIY self install grid connected system is about $1.25 a watt. Then YOU get the 30% tax credit. A 10 kW system for roof (forty, 250 watt panels) would cost you about $12,500. Then the tax credit gives you back cash $3750 for a net cost of $8750. You now get 100% of the kWs from this system.

When you "rent" from Solar City, they get the 30% tax credit and they get most of the kwatts. You get a slightly discounted rate for your power consumption.

Maybe you are thinking of a loan of some sort to finance a PV system.

You may not need a 10 kW system. Half that may be great for you. Look at your bills to figure out your kWhr peak use (likely July - August) and plan from there.

I would, at a minimum, get double pane windows and check attic insulation (increase to R40). Per dollar spent, even with loans, conservation in a home like yours beats out PV every time when you look at return on investment.

Lastly, is your roof orientation (angle to south) appropriate for a PV system?

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