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Originally Posted by MN Renovator View Post
48 watts sure is much less than the 230 watts that my 1080p projector is rated for that I use to watch movies. If only I had the throw distance to produce the 300 inch screen would the wattage make the most efficient sense. I wonder how the neighbors would react if I projected a movie on the back of the house at night.
It depends on if your neighbors are invited to join you or not!
I have one of the palm size Aaxa micro projectors that draws 15 watts, it's good for about 60" (80" if you have a good screen) image altho you need a dim lit room or reduce the image size, this is not a problem for me because only watch movies at night.
I'm a big fan of the projector because it frees up space and makes my living room a multi use room rather then a "TV room".
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