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Originally Posted by strider3700 View Post
Are you tracking how often the pumps are running and how much power the setup is using?
Hey Strider,

I'm not currently living in close proximity of the unit, so I don't think I'd be able to stay on top of tracking everything. Networking it would be further than I'd be willing to go. I might put a kill-a-watt on it though and check the cumulative kwh used whenever I'm around there. Simple enough right?

Other than that I'd say it has a fair amount of collector area, and It'll be interesting to see what kind of dent it can put in the bills, especially with the lower angle of the sun relative to the horizon.

One thought however is that I perhaps should have used 3/4" pipe to carry the preheated water from the tank to the water heater instead of the 1". Even with the insulation, it would take less time for "fresh" hot water to reach one of the water heaters... For a 10ft or so run, I'm wondering what kind of impact it has...
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