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Will this expansion valve work for what I want to do?
Sporlan Thermostatic Air Conditioning Expansion Valve FV 1 2 C R22 | eBay
It's rated at 1/2 ton.

I'd like to just setup everything with flared connections to begin with so I can change out parts easily while I experiment. It should be super simple plumbing - Compressor > Condenser coil > Filter > TxV > Evap coil > Compressor again.

Originally Posted by stevehull View Post
Yes, you can use totes to hold that water, but while you are filling them, they are changing temp due to the surroundings.

Why not use a simple inexpensive flowmeter? Then you just measure the fluid temperature (easy to do) and record the water flow rate.
Initially there won't be anything flowing but refrigerant. I know the water will stratify, but I would like to test that too. When I add some water pumps, that would be nice to add as well.

I could estimate the BTU loss through the drum by filling it up with warm water, letting it sit for an hour, and measure the temp.
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