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I finally got around to install TEGs on the fridge compressor and results are very dissapointing. At most I am getting 0,4V without load and between 4 and 5 mA short current. Which is too low to run small electric motor I salvaged from solar toy.

I ran out of thermal paste (surface of compressor isn't flat, so I need something to fill the gaps), adding more should help a little. Also my heatsinks are too small - voltage rises from 170 mV to 320 mV fairly quickly, but than flats out, because heat sinks are "saturated".

I have ordered two more TEC 12706 (there is still room on the compressor) and bigger heat sinks (height 30mm instead of currently used 11mm). That should be enough to run the motor with propeller.

When the motor is running (from a battery) - and cooling the heat sinks - then the voltage rises to 0,7V (with spikes around 0,8V) and short current rises to 10 mA.
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