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Originally Posted by Daox View Post

heating systems
natural gas furnace
wood stove
air source heat pump
oil boiler
natural gas boiler
ground source heat pump
solar hot water
solar hot air

cooling systems
whole house fan
air source heat pump
ground source heat pump
evaporative cooler

water heating systems
On-demand gas
On-demand electric
Tank gas
Tank electric
Tank solar
Tank air source heat pump
Tank ground source heat pump
Tank wood stove

What else am I missing?
For cooling and heating, I think Mini-split Inverter ASHP should have it's own category.
It after all Ductless is cheaper to run, and a very different breed of animal when compared to regular (1970s?) heat pumps.

For water heating systems, Tank Oil should be on the list.
PV might be added too..
Or my Hybrid hot-water system, using both oil and PV..

Actually, I might even do some Hybrid Oil+PV house heating this winter.
We have our oil burner on a 1/2 hour timer (early AM run), but if there
is good solar, the PV can keep the storage pretty warm all day.
So at night, I can open the check-valve / 'free-flow' and allow semi-hot
water to convection feed up into the house for a couple of hours..
Eureka! PV+Oil heating.. A few BTU anyways..
Makes no sense to let heat dissipate into basement floor etc,
overnight, when it can assist the Sanyo (keeping us warm while watching TV).
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