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Heat: Some like it, some don't.
Lettuce turns bitter and bolts. It's a winter crop for me.
Broccoli and carrots also.
Peppers love heat. Cucumbers as well, as long as they have water.

Tomato plants like heat, but the blooms don't pollinate when it gets above 90 degrees. It's kind of surprising, but in Texas we have a short spring season for growing tomatoes. Get them out after frost, but in time for a harvest before the heat sets in. Mine got a late start, and I've had two large tomatoes and a dozen cherries, from 20+ plants.

I'm going to whine now. My garden this year has been a parade of the pests.
Squash vine borers killed the pumpkins.
Squash bugs (stink bug) killed the neighboring squash, then moved to the cucumbers. I have squished probably 5,000 of them in the last couple weeks. I was getting 2+ dozen cukes a week before that, but now they're all dead.
Stink bugs making my tomatoes rotten, horn worms eating holes in them.
Roly-poly bugs eat all the little sprouts as they come up.
Earwigs in the corn.
Grasshoppers everywhere. I've been letting the chickens out more, now that's solved.
The pole beans got a mosaic virus and failed.
The unusual heat cut short the lettuce and carrot season.

There's always next year...
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