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It's been a disappointing year. I know it's not over yet... but, it feels like it.

Count so far:
Green Peppers: 2, barely (only 2 1/2 on the plants right now)
Tomatoes: 6 small
Cucumbers: 9 (best plant of the year)
Broccoli: ~0.5-0.75 lbs
Cauliflower: 0
Celery: 2 dozen stalks. I cut off pieces when I want some.
Lettuce (Iceberg & Romaine): 2 'heads'?
Carrots: 3
Watermelon: one TINY one, one 4.5lb, that's it for em this year, they both split, so I had to pull them.

It's just been ridiculously hot here. It's back in the upper 90s this week.
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