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3. This afternoon I will go down and feel the water heater to see if a lot of heat is escaping.

5. We have already wrapped the water pipes with insulation.

6. We installed the programable thermostat and have it setup, although we may be making some modifications.

9. We are replacing the filter on a very regular basis to try to minimize my allergy problems.

12. We have swapped out CFL's in some of our light sockets. Will continue to do so as the rest burn out.

13. Energy efficiency was a big factor in our appliance purchases except for the dish washer. We don't use the dishwasher (we've run it twice in the last 6 months) and we just wanted something that matched our other appliances.

14. I've got the smart strips on my computer equipment in the office and our entertainment center.

I like looking over lists like this and getting ideas on what we can do to save money and reduce our energy needs while we are finishing the basement and purchasing new things.
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