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Originally Posted by theoldwizard1 View Post
Yes, pumping water for heat distribution is easy (because it has been done for a long, long time), but what about cooling, especially in the bedrooms ?
Since you mentioned it, those water source radiant cooling ceiling panels they are starting to use in Europe look very interesting. Dew point control looks like the biggest issue. Reviews have been positive for being very comfortable and quiet vs A/C.

I prefer evaporative cooling vs A/C but that is not for everyone or every region. I prefer the cool moist air vs dry cool. If I was stuck in California and used A/C, I would maybe consider mini splits. That may make it easier to run on a generator when the power goes out since you could just cool 1 or 2 rooms. I'm so glad I don't live there anymore. Good luck OP.

I lived in a small coastal town in central coast california that had mild winters and if I still lived there I would still go with radiant flooring with an air source heat pump and solar heat. A mild vs harsh winter doesn't change the inside comfort affect of radiant flooring vs heating the air.

When I originally read Northern Cal I was thinking Redding or maybe Trinity mountains. Much colder area then the coast above San Francisco. I've lived all over california and Norther Cal gets pretty cold unless your near Humbolt.
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