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Originally Posted by gadget View Post
If you are building new, consider radiant floor heat throughout the entire house. I would also look into a geo exchange for any heat pumps so you can go water to water with the radiant. If your building, now is the time to consider it while everything is torn up.

Radiant heat is way more comfortable then scorched air.
Sorry for the late reply !

I concur with gadget. Radiant floor heat is the MOST COMFORTABLE form of heat you will ever experience. The only downside is that when used in a concrete floor, it has a slow recovery from low temperatures.

The other problem with radiant heat is that I do not know of any heat pump suppliers selling designed and tested heat pump sourced system in the US. Mitsubishi does sell them in Australia and New Zealand. So sizing the heat exchanger and controls leaves the OP on his own.

It is hard to calculate, but I don't know if a geo exchange would be cost effective in norther California. It would certainly keep your cooling costs low but you don't have harsh winter.

Originally Posted by gadget View Post
If I was building new, the house would be designed around solar heating directly from the sun as a base.
Nothing wrong with passive solar heating, IF you have a good location are willing to have a "non typical" exterior.

Originally Posted by gadget View Post
I think multiple heat pumps would be over complication. Its so easy to just move water around from one source. Plus, it may be hard to find a mini heat pump small enough for one room so you would be looking at DIY.
Yes, pumping water for heat distribution is easy (because it has been done for a long, long time), but what about cooling, especially in the bedrooms ?

If the OP does radiant heat, possibly some high efficiency window/thru-wall A/C units (do they even exist ?) might be a cost effective solution.
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