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A 12V PV panel seems to typically be around 36 cells. If you parallel them, that's 72 cells. There are 72 cell grid tie microinverters out there, such as the Enphase M-250. With a combined wattage of 250W (60+60+60+70), you could build a combination of series and parallel circuits to drive all the panels into one M250, and knock up to 250W of continuous load off the grid. Being UL1741 compliant, when the grid goes down, so does an M250.

Despite using UL compliant parts, without permits from the AHJ it remains entirely illegal to grid connect anything, whether it's a new electrical panel, or a microinverter. I've got a farm in a very rural part of northern Maine. According to the town, I only need permits for plumbing related projects. According to the power company: "Yes, we want to know if you're connecting something new to our grid, especially if it generates energy". The power company hasn't said they won't allow a grid connected PV array, they simply said show us designs for what you're installing so we can make sure our linemen are safe. (A concept I totally agree with)
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